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CLSP 2020: Imagine Your Story!


918-791-5662 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can request Doug by following this link to his online form: We Want Doug!

Kids (45 min. show) Now available as a Facebook LIVE! Event! Call us!
Your young readers are in for a treat of a magical scavenger hunt of fun and fantasy as they help Time-Traveler Steampunk Inventor/Magician Doc Rogers find the nine clues to Obtaining Wisdom. Each of the nine magical mysteries reveals another clue. When properly placed, they create a  "final reveal" to Obtaining Wisdom! From Merlin in King Arthur's Court, to Lord of the Rings' Frodo Baggins, to Harry Potter, Doc Rogers entertains, educates and motivates your young readers with his highly energetic comedy and magic show.

Teens (45 min. show/teaching session) Now available as a Facebook LIVE! Event! Call us!
Inventor/Magician/Mentalist Doc Rogers entertains your teen readers with Magic Tricks YOU Can Do! Doc brings a bag chock-full of easy-to-learn, yet (as he demonstrates) highly mystifying magic tricks using simple objects found around the home, at work or at school. This teaching session is fun, involved, and encourages your teen readers to search your library for other books on magic tricks. Complete, full instructions can be found on the day of his performance in the booklet Doc Rogers will donate to your library. Imagine your story on how you became a world famous magician from that very first trick you learned at the library!

Adults (45 min. Mentalism Show/instruction on avoiding scams):

Doc Rogers uses body language, facial tics, eye movement and a bag-full of other ingenious methods to tell what people in his audience are thinking. Scarily accurate, Doc entertains with his expertise and explains simple ways to avoid scams and be safer in public, in their home, and online. A fun-filled show with a poignant message and techniques your seasoned adult readers will put to use to help keep themselves safer from would-be thieves. Imagine your story of how this show helped you thwart the bad guys!

Doug's shows are always self-contained including a backdrop, sound system and all the effects and surprises for his show. This makes it easy for you to book him for your library. Dates are being accepted now so please hurry and call to reserve your preferred date & time. Discounts for multiple shows within 30 minutes' drive on the same day, or multiple shows at your library on the same day! Call now! 918-791-5662

918-791-5662 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can request Doug by following this link to his online form: We Want Doug!

Previous Library Seasons!

Scenes from 2017: "Build a Better World"

The "Charminator" featured prominently in the 2014 Summer Reading Program "Fizz, Boom... Read!"
It taught children about air pressure, unexpected results in scientific experiments and, importantly,
they had lots and lots of fun participating! Click to play and listen to the squeals of laughter!

Kudos for our Shows!

“Doug Anderson's performance was outstanding! We had a variety of ages attend the show and they were all amazed by his illusions. I was very impressed with his props and costume that matched the year's theme. The show went so well, we immediately booked him for another performance for the next year's summer reading program!”

Holly Fipps, Children’s Librarian – Haynie Public Library, Praugue, OK

“Doug, the kids loved the show you put on last year! I loved how you treated the children (we had one performer who talked down to them constantly), and your set and props were wonderful! I think we had a few parents comment on how much they liked the show, and I personally saw so many kids really enjoying themselves as you performed. I'm glad we've already booked you for June 24th for the 2015 Summer Reading Program!”

Priscilla Wenzel – Children’s Librarian - Miami Public Library, Miami, OK

“Doc Rogers’ ability to entertain and mesmerize an audience is outstanding.  He engages his audience and keeps them on the edge of their seats!  He has great interaction with the kids before the show, increasing their interest and participation.  We always love his shows and can’t wait to see what he will do next year!”

Michelle Miller, Library Director Jay C. Byers Memorial Library, Cleveland, OK


“I had wonderful reviews from everyone who got to enjoy your show.  I had numerous requests for you to come back.  Everyone thought you did a super job of teaching science in an exciting way.  I have bragged about you to other librarians right & left, even though it may keep you from being available when my performance days are open. LOL!”

Heather Cameron, Children's Coordinator - Wagoner City Public Library, Wagoner, OK