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Corporate entertainer and comedy magician Doug Anderson has experience that spans over 40 years, on all continents, in countless performances, in front of Lords and Ladies, Bubbas & Bettys, for over a million folks just like you and your guests.

From the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, to 5-star cruise ships, to entertaining NFL legends Troy Aikman & Pat Summerall at a private function in Texas, award-winning Doug Anderson has the skill, the knowledge, the instinct and the good sense on how to entertain a vast variety of geopolitical and socioeconomic backgrounds.

From the boardroom to the ballroom, from the CEO to the dock worker, Doug is a welcome inclusion to your next hospitality suite or barbeque, awards presentation or product roll-out. From cool and sophisticated to casual and corny, Doug will fine-tune his time-tested routines, comedy, costuming, stage dressing and more to help bring your event to a successful conclusion. And, make you look good. Guaranteed.

Highly Entertaining, Interactive Comedy Magic

Very Visible, Very Versatile, Always Adaptable
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Clean, family-appropriate entertainment guaranteed to please you and your guestsAward-winning comedy magician Doug Anderson is a professional entertainer with over 40 years of experience.

His highly appealing 30-45 minute corporate friendly, family-style shows have filled cruise guests, company employees, corporate executives and church congregations with side-splitting laughter.

Yes, as a matter of fact, he will! If you have a point or two you would like made during the course of the show, no problem. Award-winning comedy magician Doug Anderson can adapt his magic routines to your message and deliver them in such a way, your points are sure to be remembered.

Hey, Have a Seat... Anywhere
While it's true the best seats are front and center, a lot of magicians are particular about where the audience is allowed to sit and won't allow anyone to sit on the sides, edges or behind them. However, Doug has honed his craft to a fine art and can literally perform his comedy magic shows completely surrounded. Easier for you, no problem for him.

Actually, Size Doesn't Matter
If you have less than 20 people or well over 600, magician Doug Anderson's magic is highly visible and humorously entertaining. His shows are geared with versatility in mind and can easily be adapted to you and the size of your group.


Doug entertains your guests

Doug creates positive word-of-mouth
advertising for you

Doug's magic will be remembered
long after the free food
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Close-Up magic is an excellenct choice for your next hospitality suite, and Doug is the perfect entertainer to chose. Intermingling with guests or seated at a corner table, Doug's amazing sleight-of-hand magic (which won awards at the Las Vegas Desert Seminar of Magic) creates a great memorable impression on your guests with his 'shoot-from-the-hip' style of interactive magic interspersed with his God-given quick wit.

"It happened in my own hands!" and "I was watching his other hand and  still couldn't catch how he did it!" are just a couple of exclamations overheard as Anderson entertains at point blank range. A common point of reference while laughing and having fun helps put everyone at ease. This allows you and your sales reps to spend more time with potential clients. After all, isn't that the reason behind spending thousands of dollars on food, liquor and staff?

Having Doug entertain at the opposite side of the room can help avoid traffic flow problems at the doorway, around the food or bar. Doug intermingles with your guests, allowing him to find small pockets of non-participants & make them feel welcome. At closing time, he can do "one last big trick" near the doorway as a way of closing the evening.

With a track record of over 30 years on 5-star cruise ships, at trade shows, hospitality suites, awards banquets and churches, you know that comedy magician Doug Anderson is doing it right. Right for them, right for you.


Increase traffic to your exhibit

Deliver your message

Increase sales


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